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Homann, Joh. Bapt.: Imp. Caes. Carolo VI



    Johann Baptista Homann (1664-1724)

    Imp. Caes. Carolo VI. Augusto Pio Victori Gentis suae Sideri Felicissimo Chorographiam Hanc Exhibentem Primar. Regionum Habspurgicar. Situm Positumq. Brevibus Exterarum Ditionum Intervallis ut Permistum et Implicatum ita Variis Turbis Expositum Necnon Ultimos Imperii Germ. Terminos Perpetua Transivexatione Agitatos Anique Fidei et Invictae Testes Pietatis Supplex Dicat Provincia Brisgoia Aust. Ant.

    18th century map of the Middle Europe.
    Rheine River running through the map with cities of Schaffhausen, Basel etc. along it.
    Hand-coloured copper plate engraving.

    Year of printing 1718
    Colour käsin väritetty / handkolorerad / hand coloured
    Dimensions 59 x 50 cm
    Condition 3
    Condition explanations (5) Mint, (4) Very good, (3) Good, (2) Fair, (1) Poor
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