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[18th century] Lotter, T. C.: Nova Mappa Geographica Sueciae



    Tobias Conrad Lotter (1717-1777)

    Nova mappa geographica Sueciae ac Gothiae regna ut et Finlandiae ducatum ac Lapponiam, cum provinciis minoribus, ob oculos ponens, cura et sumtibus Tobiae Conradi Lotter, chalcogr et geogr: Augustae Vindel.

    18th century map of Scandinavia. Hand-coloured copper engraving.
    Good condition. Right margin narrow.

    Year of printing ca. 1770
    Place of printing Augsburg
    Technique kuparipiirros / kopparstick / copper engraving
    Illustrations käsinväritetty / handkolorerade / hand coloured
    Dimensions 50 x 57,5 cm
    Condition 3
    Condition explanations (5) Mint, (4) Very good, (3) Good, (2) Fair, (1) Poor
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