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[17th century] Gedda, Petter: Wassende Graad-kaart over de Oost-Zee van Skagen (1694)



    Petter Gedda (1661-1697)

    Wassende Graad-kaart Over de Oost-Zee Van Skagen aff. tot aan den Nordbodem end’Nyen-Schanz : in gevolge van den naeuwkeurigste anmerkingen … met privilegie voor 10. jaeren / bÿ Petter Gedda, anno 1694

    Petter Gedda’s original sea chart of Baltic Sea from 1694. Dedicated to Charles XI (Karl XI 1655-1697).
    The map depicts the area from Skagerrak to the Eastern part of Gulf of Finland. Nyenschantz depicted in inset map in the upper left corner.
    Copper engraving with large decorative cartouche with a lion. Five coat-of-arms, compass rose and loxodromes.

    The map is restored. Margins and centrefold reinforced from verso. Browning in centrefold on the image side.
    Short upper margin.

    Painovuosi – tryckår 1694
    Tekniikka – teknik kuparipiirros / kopparstick / copper engraving
    Mitat – mått 53 x 61 cm
    Kunto 3
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