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Tarbell, Harlan: The Tarbell Course in Magic. For the Professional, Amateur and beginner. 1-8.


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    Harlan Tarbell (1890-1960)


    The Tarbell Course in Magic. For the Professional, Amateur and beginner. 8 volumes.


    Brooklyn, D. Robbins & Co, 1996-1995. Eight volumes. Hardcover with dustjacket. The series is in good overall condition, volume 5 has water damage on fore edge.


    Harlan Tarbells series provides a comprehensive magic book set for professionals, amateurs and beginners.


    Volume 1 (1996, 6th printing, 408 pp.), lessons 1-19.

    History of Magic, Magic as a Science, Sleight of Hand With Coins, Coin Tricks, More Coin Tricks, The Thumb Tip, Impromptu Tricks, Ball Tricks, Mathematical Mysteries, Effective Card Mysteries, Impromptu Card Mysteries, Mental Card Mysteries, Card Sleights, Novel Card Mysteries, Restoring Torn Papers, Rope & Tape Principals, Handkerchief Tricks, Knotty Silks, Eggs and Silks.


    Volume 2 (1975, 9th printing, 416 pp.), lessons 20-33A.


    How To Please Your Audience, Magic With Wands, Double Paper Mysteries, Magic With Coins, Cigarette Magic, Card Sleights, Selected Card Mysteries, Rising Cards, Egg Magic, Billiard Ball Manipulation, Handkerchief Magic, Rope Magic, “Ghostlite” Mysteries, Illusions, Mental Magic.


    Volume 3 (1973, 9th printing, 416 pp.), lessons 34-45


    Routining A Show, Making People Laugh, Intimate Magic, Conjuring With Currency, Modern Coin Effects, Fundamental Card Sleights, Card Mysteries, Card Stabbing, Novelty Handkerchief Magic, Color Changing Silks, Rabbit & Dove Magic, Illusions.


    Volume 4 (1992, 9th printing, 416 pp.), lessons 46-58


    Novelty Magic, Thimble Magic, Swallowing Needles, Unique Card Magic, Rising Cards, Card Transitions, Mental Mysteries, The Thumb Tip, Linking Rings, Magic With Ribbon, Silken Trickery, Slate Mysteries, Illusions


    Volume 5 (1992, 6th printing, 417 pp.), lessons 59-71


    Unique Magic, More Unique Mysteries, Four-Ace Effects, Modern Mental Mysteries, Hat and Coat Productions, Oriental Magic, Original Oriental Secrets, Hindu Rope Mysteries, Modern Rope Magic, Magic of the Bambergs, Magic With Bowls and Liquids, Illusions, Publicity and Promotion


    Volume 6 (1993, 6th printing, 409 pp.), lessons 72-83


    Novel Ball Magic, Unique Card Effects, Novelty Magic, Rope Magic, Mind Reading Mysteries, X-Ray Eyes and Blindfold Effects, Silk and Rope Penetrations, Escapes and Substitutions, Spirit Ties and Vest Turning, Modern Stage Magic, Stage Productions, Magic As Theatre.


    Volume 7 (1993, 7th printing, 490 pp.), lessons 84-91


    More Mental Magic, Card Magic, Rope Magic, Novelty Magic, Money Magic, Silk Magic, Illusions, Late Arrivals


    Volume 8 (1995, 2nd printing, 434 pp.), lessons 92-103


    Thoughts and Advice, Mysteries Of The Seance, Further Unique Mysteries, Magic With Cards, Oriental Magic, Magic Of The Mind, Rope Magic, Chalk Talk Magic, Magic With Apparatus, Comedy Magic, Pantomime Illusions, Making Magic Pay

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